Modern Indian Cuisine In Toronto

Marigold Indian Bistro features both traditional Indian favorites, like curry, but also modern twists on dishes currently popular with younger people in India. Many ingredients used to create flavorful Indian cuisine share their roots with other cuisines, like South Asian. For this reason, it is no surprise to see similarities in some dishes featured on our menu and Chef Dinesh’s reinvention of South Asian meals, but with his unique Indian touch.

It’s no surprise that Toronto is a foodie’s dream city because of access to highly trained chefs and the wide range and selection of food choices for all palates, including Indian restaurants. Indian food restaurants in Toronto provide people the opportunity to try new dishes and experience all the flavors of properly prepared Indian meals without having to leave the Toronto area.

Indian restaurants in Toronto are not only popular with locals, but also many of the tourists who visit the city. When you are looking for a modern Indian restaurant, you will want to make a point to visit Marigold Indian Bistro. This Toronto Indian restaurant is located in the Midtown Toronto area on Mt. Pleasant Rd and is open seven nights a week for dinner service, and even offers delivery and take out options for guests.

Marigold Indian Bistro was the inspiration of Chef Dinesh Sharma. Prior to coming to Toronto, Chef Dinesh spent time working in several different restaurants in New Delhi. Because of his experience of working in Indian kitchens, he was able to learn many different classic Indian cuisine recipes, as well as modern variations of popular dishes and other types of cuisine served in Indian restaurants.

Chef Dinesh brought his inspiration and vision to Toronto over 10 years ago with a goal to provide high quality service and offer patrons flavorful menu options for both traditional and modern Indian food in Toronto. While Marigold Indian Bistro is just one of the Indian food restaurants in Toronto, what sets our Toronto Indian food apart is the training, experience and knowledge Chef Dinesh gained during his time in New Delhi and applies his specialized skills to each of his creations.

Marigold Indian Bistro provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for meeting with friends after work, spending a romantic evening out on the town, or taking the family out to dinner at a Toronto Indian restaurant. In addition to the wide variety of food choices, Marigold Indian Bistro has a wine program which ideally complements our menu items with selections from various regions from around the world. Whether you are a novice wine connoisseur or an expert, our wine selections are carefully paired to bring out the full flavors of our Indian cuisine.

When you visit our Toronto Indian restaurant, we want you to be able to enjoy your experience by providing welcoming and knowledgeable wait staff, which is there to answer your questions, offer their recommendations and make your dining experience pleasurable. While our wait staff is attentive to our customers’ needs, they remain unobtrusive to allow our guests to relax, unwind, and enjoy their meal without being rushed in our energetic, fun, and vibrant dining room.